I am eternally grateful for all the great teachers who have come into my life.

You have taught me the secrets of selfless living, how to overcome obstacles with grace and forgiveness, and how to lead with compassion and kindness. This has not always been an easy road for me to travel, but with constant help and encouragement from others, it has made my own personal internal climbing of Mount Everest, easier to bear.

To all who are creating positive life-changing transformations in the lives of others and for themselves, thank you.

I salute all:

  • who selflessly live their lives
  • who put in the time and effort to shift their energies so that they can positively influence the lives of those around them
  • who understand the significance of emotional maturity and resilience
  • who continue to shine and spread the love and compassion that lies within each of us
  • who help others without any thought of personal gain and who do so with humility, kindness and compassion

To all who continue to forge the way ahead for the greater good of all, thank you.

Love, blessings, abundance and peace.

Jennifer L Breakey

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