Are you feeling stuck in your job and don’t know how to move forward? Have you been overlooked for promotions and is your performance below par? Do you live in fear of not being good enough in the workplace, and are you tired of trying to sort this out on your own? Do you want to release the blockages that are keeping you stuck? I know how this feels – it can be overwhelming and can have a negative impact on your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. If you want permanent and positive changes in your business and/or career, and if you want to find fulfillment in what you do, then it is time to invest in yourself and commit to getting support to help you move forward. 


AGORA Academy is an online academy that provides high-impact, life-changing, energy-shifting and intelligent business programs and courses that will help you release the blocks that are keeping you stuck in the workplace. These programs and courses are designed to accelerate your growth and success. Some courses are FREE, so don’t let a lack of funds stop you from registering today.

As a previous Director in HR & Business Admin, and a previous HR Executive, I utilize my wide scope of business and people understanding and acumen, and I bring this all together in a cohesive and easy to understand way. Don’t let past struggles and failures keep you from your goals. Feel free to visit AGORA Academy™ to find out just how easy growth and success can be achieved.

Business Intelligence

Business Cardiology™

Emotional Intelligence

There is an intelligence and energy in business that is unconscious, but its manifestation is visible through its success and failures. Learn how to read the energy footprint of your business and what to do to make the changes you need to make to reset where you are heading. Find the blocks that stop you from achieving success and harmony in the workplace. Businesses are made up of the collectiveness of its employees, and that is why it is important that all employees have clear values that are congruent with the organization’s values.

Without people you would have no business. That goes without saying. It is easy for a person to go and have a medical checkup with his or her medical practitioner, but who looks at the state of health of a business? Who checks in to see the true health and wellbeing of employees and the organization as a collective whole? If a person is diagnosed with a heart disease, they are immediately referred to a specialist – a cardiologist. So, who is the specialist in your business that focuses on the wellbeing of its employees and of the business?

Emotional Intelligence is defined as the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. Not everyone has a high EQ score, but the great news is that this is most definitely a learnt behavior. Emotional maturity is not only for the wise in years – it is for anyone who has the willingness to let their ego go, to recognize the greater good for all, and who is serious about being the difference they want to see in the workplace. EQ is an essential leadership skill.

The Jennifer Show

Welcome to The Jennifer Show. This is a show that focuses on your accelerated growth, and it is a celebration of finding emotional freedom in your life and business. You do not have to live in fear of not being good enough in the workplace. This is your space to allow things to come into your awareness that will help you accelerate your growth and it will help you create your own business and/or career blueprint. Just let everything unfold in its own way. I will not hold back the punches or hide away from unethical behavior. A spade is a spade. Common decency and common sense – sprinkled with a dash of humor and thoughtful insight – will help you build the business and/or career that you desire. Sometimes you need someone who is brave enough to call it like it is. The boardroom is not to be revered. Management is not to be bowed to. And exploitation of employees and corruption has no place in the workplace.

Jennifer's Blog

Blogs are way too underrated. If you come across someone who touches your mind, heart and soul, wouldn’t you want to read about the musings of their mind? Wouldn’t you want to sit with them for a while and share a cuppa thoughts together? Sometimes you just need that one article that makes a shift in your life – it could even change the trajectory of your success in a super great way. Far too many people are too busy to read an entire book, but there is no excuse whatsoever not to read an article that peaks your interest. There are many great authors and bloggers out there – and I am one of them – enjoy the musings of my mind – born from decades of experience, knowledge, and a deep understanding of human nature and the way a business operates and evolves. Grab a cuppa, go off the grid for a minimum of 15 – 30 minutes each day (the bare minimum), put up that ‘do not disturb’ sign (even if it is invisibly imprinted on your forehead), and take the time to sit back, read and relax.