There are so many areas in our lives where chaos can just take over and become all-consuming. Chaos saps us of our much needed energy and positive vibes. It can take over our emotional wellbeing and before we know it, we are down a rabbit hole that seems just so impossible to get out of.

Chaos can be found in so many areas, but I focus on these:

  • Your emotional state
    • one moment or day you are up and the next moment or day you are down
    • you are derailed emotionally easily
    • you let others rob you of your peace and joy
    • you fly off the handle before keeping your emotions in check
  • Your working relationships
    • your working relationships are challenging and stressful
    • you fear approaching your manager when you need guidance or have made an error
    • you isolate yourself from others in the workplace
    • you don’t know how to deal with toxic people
    • you are a people-pleaser and give in to the needs of other, thereby jeopardising your own performance and achievement of tasks that are your responsibility and accountability
    • you are fearful towards authority
    • you allow yourself to be bullied in the workplace
    • you have lost your voice to speak up for yourself
    • you lack clarity and vision with regards to your business and/or career objectives
    • you work in a constant state of panic and fear
  • Your mental state of being
    • you allow your thoughts control you
    • you go down one rabbit hole after the next
    • you have lost clarity, vision and a love for what you do
    • you feel overwhelm from all the thoughts that swim around in your head
    • you are controlled by your rampant mental state
    • you suffer from fear, anxiety, depression, stress and/or some other mental disorder, which negatively impacts your work performance

People who work in chaos are predominantly predisposed to stress-related illnesses and poor work performance. Technology has bridged the gap of information transfer, which means we get to work faster and faster, with more expected from us in a day. This is just not a feasible way to work or live life. Less is more. Peace is needed to be fully functional and productive in our lives. Yes, it is a paradox, but the more you slow, the more you get done. You owe it to yourself to choose to let chaos go and to realign with purpose.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you set healthy boundaries in the workplace, and yes, it is possible. Don’t let fear keep you from change. Rather, join with the millions of others who are on the path to living a fulfilling working life – one in which you are of great service wherever you go, and where you recognise that having a fun, successful, peaceful and joyful life is completely attainable.

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