AGORA ACADEMY™ is an Online Academy that has programs and courses designed to bring revival in your personal and business life. It takes the hassle out of complex learning and simplifies the way you see, hear, feel and live on a day-to-day basis. It focuses on three key areas:

  1. Business Cardiology™ – getting to, and operating from, the heart of your business
  2. Emotional Alchemy – taking control of your emotional wellbeing
  3. Leadership Intelligence – shaping one’s destiny through integrity, compassion, ethics and the ability to truly listen

It is a platform where anyone can delve deeper into learnings. There will be noticeable shifts in the way your business serves its internal and external customers. This should have a positive impact on the bottom line. Having said that, never forget the triple bottom line – the accounting framework with 3 parts. The triple bottom line (TBL) is a concept which broadens a business’ focus on the financial bottom line to include social and environmental considerations. A triple bottom line measures a company’s degree of social responsibility, its economic value and its environmental impact.

Simply put, the TBL dimensions are also commonly called the three Ps: people, planet and profits (yes, in THAT order) and they are commonly referred to as the 3Ps. From a humane and environmental point of view, this gets me very excited, and from an energetic point of view – if the TBL is applied correctly, then you will go a long way in being a part in sustaining long term employment relations, a positive impact on the environment and, without a doubt, your business should flourish. Some call this the law of extension and/or the law of attraction, I call this the positive energy boomeranging effect coming right back to you.

There is more to living and working to be learnt than merely burying one’s head into text book after text book. Academia has its place, but so does intuition – and you are not going to get this by living in your head-space alone. I have seen first hand how subtle energy shifts occur when you just change the way you look at things. You can make quantum leaps in your learnings, and the road ahead of you has unlimited possibilities. You get to choose in each moment which direction to take. AGORA is all about accelerated growth.

You get to choose what to say yes to and what to say no to. And how do I know this, because I have come face to face with this reality in my own personal and career life. The resources available to you at AGORA Academy™ will help you grow into the extraordinary being that you are.

I have many great teachers and coaches in my life, and I have invested a lot in my own growth. I have invested time, energy and other resources into unblocking areas in my life that held me back from operating from and with my full potential. Not everyone can afford these programs, and so I have some FREE Online Courses. These FREE Courses are the very foundation to help you take a leap into the destiny that lies before you, and they are as follows:


These FREE Online Courses are the very foundation for you to start building your new life of freedom and choice. Once you have gone through these six mini-courses, you will find things will start to shift in your life. You will begin to see life differently. Prosperity will start to flow to you (once you have learnt to remove the obstacles that stand in your way to receiving), and you will be able to continue diving deeper into your endless possibilities.

AGORA Academy™ provides Courses and Programs that show you how to truly leave the past behind and to take control of your life, in this moment, and in the moments to come. You will receive the tools and resources necessary to grow:

  • in your personal and business relationships
  • in balancing your personal and work life
  • in your career
  • in your fun and play
  • in your mental clarity

None of us get out of this experience unscathed.

So grab life’s opportunities with both hands.

Be grateful for what you have.

Bless others and you will find yourself being blessed in return.

You are not what others say you are.

You are a Spark of the Divine.

No-one can take your uniqueness away from you.

Embrace it.

Live it.

Love it.

Go with the flow.