Everything you need to know to lead a joyful, peaceful, successful and harmonious work life is contained within the following 3 Programs. They stand the test of time, and if applied correctly and with a commitment that you will continue to rise every time you trip up, you and the people around you will reap the benefits of your newly found knowledge and experiential learnings. I know this to be true.

These 3 Programs encapsulate everything you need to know to lead with integrity, to be a people influencer and to operate from a base of honesty, ethically, compassionately, and with true understanding and humility.

True leadership is being able to lead from the front. It is about making tough decisions and always seeing 10 steps ahead.

You can build influence and gain respect, no matter who you are in the workplace. It all has to do with how you treat and communicate with others. Respect does not mean that you necessarily agree with decisions being made, it means you have the ability to understand other people’s’ opinions and cultural diversity, and when you have a willingness to listen to the opinions and recommendations of others, your business will start to flourish in a healthy and new way.

If someone treats you with disdain, there is absolutely no need to reciprocate. Keep your decorum and composure and stand your ground in being centered in who you are. Your values will always be with you. Compromise them for no-one.