At Work

As a previous HR Executive and Director, I have had exposure at various levels within an organization. Some were national organisations, but most were global businesses. Some were multi-million and/or billion rand (R), dollar ($) and/or pound (£) enterprises.

Multi-cultural diversity has challenges of its own, let alone the different labor laws that govern business in individual countries. I have seen and learnt much through practical experience and application; through observation and the feedback loop.

I am blessed to be doing something that is my true passion – bringing about change in the workplace through the transformation of lives. Technology allows for this to happen in the fastest possible way through creating an online school. Thus was born AGORA Academy™.


I know of friends, acquaintances and ex colleagues who have excelled in their careers, whilst others not. Some follow their own truth while others pursue company goals and objectives by devaluing their values and beliefs. Some have damaged or destroyed the trajectory of their own career growth or that of another, due to their own perceived limitations, ego and selfish aspirations.

I am not just talking about employees, but also about managers, leaders, executives, MD’s, CEO’s, shareholders – the people sitting around the boardroom table making the decisions for taking their business to the next level. How many of the people around the boardroom table know that EVERYTHING, I mean absolutely EVERYTHING, is energy? How many leaders in business know the truth behind the power of the spoken (or unspoken) word?

And this I found to be true:

  • some sacrificed their mental wellbeing to achieve company goals and objectives
  • some sacrificed their emotional wellbeing to achieve company goals and objectives
  • some sacrificed their physical wellbeing to achieve company goals and objectives
  • some became narcissistic individuals who only had their next bonus in mind
  • some were bullies to ensure they achieved their goals and objectives
  • but the majority I worked with – sad to say – operated from a base of fear
    • a fear of not meeting the outputs required
    • a fear of failure
    • a fear of being dismissed due to poor work performance
    • a fear of making a decision in case it was the wrong one
    • playing the blame game so as to avoid any fingers being pointed at them
    • …. and so much more

I have also found the opposite to be true. Some leaders have invested time, energy and the necessary resources into growing the potential of their staff. They have done so without discrimination and have equitably implemented positive change throughout the business. They have had the intuition that runs deeper than mere academia. They are able to not only use emotional and leadership intelligence to their advantage, but they also impart that knowledge and wisdom on to others.

I saw and learnt a LOT! The amount of backstabbing, slandering, distrust, unethical business practices, improper treatment of employees, employees taking advantage of the business for their own personal gain …. there IS a better way to run your business. There is a better way to treat your employees and there is a better way to meet the bottom line.

It is no longer profits over people, but now it is the triple bottom line (TBL) which is taking over the way companies report on their annual financial results. It is time to change and keep up with the times – become socially responsible and adopt the TBL framework in your business.

So, what is the TBL? It is an accounting framework that incorporates three dimensions of performance: social, environmental and financial. This differs from traditional reporting frameworks as it includes ecological (or environmental) and social measures that can be difficult to assign appropriate means of measurement. The TBL dimensions are also commonly called the three Ps: people, planet and profits.  And yes, the annual financial statements reflect the results in that order.

The triple bottom line (TBL) is a framework or theory that recommends that companies commit to focus on social and environmental concerns just as they do on profits. The idea was that we can manage a company in a way that not only earns financial profits but which also improves people’s lives and the planet. It is great to see that many businesses and non-profit organizations have adopted the TBL reporting system.

It is easy to get consumed in our careers. Most people spend the majority of their waking hours in a workplace surrounded by people they don’t like, doing a job they hate, and spending the majority of time criticizing and blaming everyone else for mistakes made. They are plain and simply unhappy.

If this resonates with you, or if you can see your workplace in need of a refreshing change, then © JLB International and AGORA Academy™ is just the place for you. You will learn to navigate through difficult situations and you will learn to grow authentically in yourself and in your job, without all the negativity and destructive patterns of others derailing you.

With the right mindset, values and beliefs, you can be in the same job you once hated, and now love. It is not only possible, it is essential for both you and your businesses’ wellbeing.

Going from Chaos to Purpose takes grit and determination, honesty, integrity, energy and a drive to only want the best for yourself and your business. And why wouldn’t you want the best for yourself and business? Surely you and your business are worth it?

People who work in chaos are predisposed to stress-related illnesses and poor work performance, because stress is a doorway for all forms of attack on the mind. Technology has bridged the gap of information transfer, which means we get to work faster and faster, with more expected from us every day. This is simply not a feasible way to work or live.

A right mindset is needed to be fully functional and productive in our lives. Yet here is a paradox – the more you slow down, the more you get done. You owe it to yourself to choose to let chaos go and to realign with purposeful intentions.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you set healthy boundaries in the workplace. Don’t let fear keep you from change. Rather, join with the millions of others who are on the path to living a fulfilling working life – one in which you are of great service to your customers, and where you recognize that having a fun, success, peace and joy is so attainable.